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I'm Spiff. I'm known for creating music, making excellent recordings, and performing as a one-man-band, all while living out of my tiny van. My music is all over the map, genre-wise, which is how I like it. From folk to rock to rap to world to electronic - I've composed it all. I'd love to share it with you.

Why Patreon?
Making a living as a musician has always been challenging - even more so these days.

Providing you with music includes:

-Playing all the instruments (and buying them!)
-Financial/clerical stuff

It's a full time job! Songs can take weeks (or years!) to create before I can even begin to promote them. This is about the long haul.

Your patronage allows me to keep the music coming. When you become a patron, you give me the gift of time to build the music until it's just right - and then I give the results of that gift directly to you. You're investing in an artist, not just an individual song or album. It's the best way to keep the quality of my music at a level you expect.

What are the rewards for contributing?
The music itself is the primary reward, and you will receive a new work every month. There are also behind-the-scenes materials including previous lyrics, demos, artwork, and videos that you will receive early access to, along with a forum to ask questions and give feedback.

Thank you!
The biggest thanks to everyone who chips in. My life is making music, and my fans have given me such love and support over the years. I want to share my joy of creation with the world, and patrons such as you make it possible. I cannot thank you enough.


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